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New Moons give us the opportunity for new beginnings, a fresh start, or a change in our current direction. Perhaps as we enter the middle of July and head into Cancer season it may be a good time for you to reflect on the recent moon cycles and see what is working for you and what is not.

The Gemini cycle that just ended hopefully helped you become aware of a “WANT” or “NEED” that you have been feeling for a while. Did you act?

As we move into the Cancer New Moon on Monday, we are receiving the energy from this cycle to set up boundaries and go deep within to process what we need to do for ourselves. This is a time to fully feel what you are doing and balance the energy to manifest your desires.

CURRENT ENERGIES WITH THIS NEW MOON – and what to watch for:

As you prepare for the Cancer Cycle be aware of this water sign bringing “EMOTIONAL” energy to you and those around you. Along with the emotional energy you will want to pay attention to relationships with people and finances due to the Venus Retrograde that has already entered its shadow period.

Relationships will be a direct hit and can happen in a positive or negative way as they unfold.

Venus will have its direct punch beginning July 22. Are you already seeing the relationship theme of Venus?

Incoming Energies with this New Moon

Lower Energies

  • Anger

  • Accidents

  • Chaos

  • Emotional

  • Financial

  • Moody

  • Outburst

  • Out of Control

  • Pain

  • Past influencing the present

  • Relationships

  • Ruffled feathers

  • Stuck

Higher perspective-

  • Balance the ebb and flow or your life

  • Be patient

  • Boundaries

  • Feel/Feelings

  • Gentle to yourself

  • Intuition / Gut feelings

  • Listen

  • Plan

  • Receiving information from your higherself

  • Relationships

  • Slow Down

  • Trust

This Venus Retrograde is a time to search within for what MATTERs to you. What do you value? What is of value to you and within you? What treasure have you been hiding away that may be time (soon) to share? Work with this new moon in Cancer to see what shell must be shed in order to bring these gifts to the surface and share with All.


As you move past the Gemini cycle and reflect on what you were shown. You begin the Cancer cycle with wisdom and a challenge to go within and figure out how to process the emotions of past and current energy.

Relationships with people and money will be highlighted during the Venus retrograde so make sure you remain alert to past and present influences in these two areas.

We are asked to honor our emotional side and learn to balance what we are experiencing with what we want to experience. Practice listening to your higher perspective and balance the outcome of what you desire with the outer physical world that you live in. Take the push that Gemini gave you and plan the changes that will benefit your soul growth.

If you truly are working on self-mastery, then this new moon will give you the opportunity to balance your emotional energy and observe other people and their emotional outburst. Preparing you for the ability to psychically reach deep within your human mind and figure out the next steps for you to make changes.

Work with the emotional energy of this new moon and step up to the challenge. Observe and prepare, slow down and chart your next move.

Remember you are on the third cycle of a 6-month path right now. You can review this 6-month cycle of information in the May Full Moon and New Moon reports on our Transmissions page.


Go within and plan your next move!

Do not be overly emotional and beware of overly emotional people – This is KEY



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