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For specialized services like astrology charts, email readings, life between life sessions, regressions, and meet your guides, please see our Readings and Charts page. All other services please book below.

H.F. – The direct connection Colleen has with Heaven; my Guides and The Akashic Records is incredible.  She has helped me navigate through my divorce, my career and relationships with clients and family.  Her Akashic Record Readings are accurate, direct, and meaningful for my life path.  I reconnect with her for life guidance often and have hired her as my Life Guide. 

H.B. - I was amazed at the information she gave me for my soul growth.  Colleen confirmed what I already knew and provided detailed insight into some very high soul vibration information that I was not aware of yet.  I look forward to our next session and I love hearing back from all my friends and clients that I refer to her.

M.M. – Colleen has an obvious talent to connect with the messages I need to hear.  On multiple occasions she has offered guidance that proved to be valuable when I was faced with important decisions.  Her abilities to channel and relate allowed me to be comfortable and get the most out of my readings.

M.K.  – 18-Year-Old – My reading was amazing; it was honestly an extraordinary experience that is hard to describe in words.  The questions I was asking were simple and the answers I was receiving were very detailed and specific to a situation.  Something that stood out during this reading was when I was discussing an old friend of mine. I asked about my relationship with her in the future and whether there would be one at all.  My answer was that my friend would experience similar things that she put me through and that would make her feel sorry for the way she treated me, and it could bring her back into my life.  Two weeks after my reading I got the phone call from this friend and she apologized to me, she explained to me what had recently happened to her, and it was a situation almost identical to what she did to me.  I was in shock because of the accuracy from the reading.  I was advised to be careful in the relationship and I think that advice is continuing to protect me.  And I knew how to handle this call from the reading with Colleen Nilsen.

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