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L.D. – My first reading was amazing.  I laughed, cried tears of joy, and felt reassurance from my team.  I felt I was given wisdom that I needed and received additional clarification on some stuff that I already knew.  I have come back for more readings and the guides answered new questions and went deeper into a couple areas from my prior session.  Thank you so much Colleen.  I value the years of experience you have and truly tell anyone I know that feels stuck or needing answers to call you.

K.B – Colleen is very direct and informative on her messages that she channeled for me.  Colleen gave me messages from my guides that were important for me to know now, and she answered all my questions in detail.  The session was like 10 Therapy sessions all wrapped up in one 50-minute session and it gave me a lot to think about in several different areas of my life.  I loved my reading with her. 

K.F. – This was incredible!  I had never had a reading like this from a stranger.  She knew nothing about me or my life and from the beginning she was explaining health stuff going on with me, my husband who had passed and what was going on with him and the reading began with something so personal that it made me laugh.  Colleen is a gifted Guide, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking knowledge and information about their life and path.

L.W. – This was a great reading.  I was referred to Colleen by a close friend of mine and I had no idea what to expect from a reading or from Colleen.  Colleen explained how the session would go and made me feel very comfortable.  I loved being able to ask direct questions and get answers.   We had my session scheduled and my guides were already coming in strong prior to the start of the session and they were talking to Colleen.  She connected my Past Lives with some of my current relationships and how they are affecting me now.  I was very grateful for this session, and I have referred my friends to her for Akashic Record Readings and past life regression sessions.  She has quite the experience to help people.

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