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Email Akashic Records Readings

Email Akashic Records Readings

Written information of your Akashic Record Readings and Messages from Heaven - up to two questions. Just prior to the reading, you will also recieve an energy clearing. In the email you will receive the open remarks, your two questions and closing remarks from your guides. Please provide specific questions along with details to the current situation for each question. If you are asking about other people in your reading, I will need their legal name to tune into their guides.You will recieve your  answers within 48 hours. Rush option also available for answers within 24 hours.


Please provide your full name and you must present specific questions with details to your current situation and the reason you are presenting the questions. 


If you would like a live, private zoom reading please book an Akashic Reading for a regular or extended session.

PriceFrom $99.00
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