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TIME   4:48 PM PST

DATE Tuesday  - 4/23/2024


The full moon is a time to release all that is not of your highest and best.  A perfect time and perfect energy to take intentional steps to better thy self as we begin to move deeper into 2024.

If you were to pay attention to all the chatter out there this is sizing up to be a very disruptive year.  Yet being the creator that you are you have the full capacity to change your circumstances presented to you and powerfully shift anything that you desire.  Do it during this cycle!







The Scorpion

Genitals, colon, rectum; Reproductive and elimination systems

Keywords: I Eliminate, so that I may Create Anew.

MISSION: Release all your fear of moving forward and be gentle with yourself and others.


This full moon is continuing to build on what the New Moon in Aries and the Full Solar Eclipse brought in back on April 8th.   This powerful punch is launching you forward.

  • Are you ready?

  • Are you paying attention to the energy?

  • Are you aligning yourself with what is best for you?    

Keep your balance and you will learn to dance within the craziness that is presenting to us in 2024.

Incoming Energies with this Full Moon:

Lower Frequency

  • Aggression/Aggressive

  • Anger

  • Attacking

  • Battlefield

  • Chaos

  • Conflict

  • Death

  • Demanding

  • Destruction

  • Double Crossed

  • Heavy

  • Intensity

  • Jealous

  • Lazy

  • Loss

  • Possessive

  • Pounding of the sea – Like a crashing wave of energy

  • Sacrifice

  • Secretive

  • Stubborn

  • Trojan Horse

  • Undermine

  • War

  • Wounding

Higher Frequency

  • Beautiful

  • Breathing Deep

  • Destiny

  • Efficient

  • Expansion

  • Forgiveness

  • Future

  • Innocence

  • Inspiration

  • Intention

  • Justice

  • Kind

  • Light

  • Magnetic

  • Mysterious

  • New Path

  • Persistent

  • Purging

  • Rebirth

  • Releasing Baggage

  • Rising Above

  • Transformation

  • Warrior


This is a powerful cycle that is laying out the next year for you.  You will want to pay close attention to what has shown up since the New Moon in Aries.  Your higher self is showing you clues to what you should expect over the next year from this point through March of 2025.

If you use the energy correctly this will be an exceptional time for you to bring in what is best for you.  And to know deep down that the darkness, the crazy energy, and the illusions that we are seeing out there will end.  This is your opportunity to fully focus on you and bring in the power of your creative soul to manifest what you choose for your life.

Listen to the gentle whisper from your soul.  Learn how to make choices based on what is best for you and your immediate needs.  Learn to protect yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And pay close attention to the signs and symbols of life. They usually show up 3x. An animal to connect with/feel into/learn from is the bat. See through the projections about what we've put upon it and see its gifts. Note how it protects and nurtures itself in general and the environment it chooses. Learn from how it "sees" with sonar in the darkness. Observe its place in the cycle of life. Learn your own sonar in these chaotic times and how you can best navigate.

Take note that we are entering a phase or perhaps a wrinkle in time that will have a lot of vampire energy come at you.  This is not to be afraid of at all.  It is just time to remember that you can protect and shield yourself.  If you do not know how to do this then we suggest you schedule a session to learn who your team is, how to protect yourself and possibly go deeper into why you are repeating patterns or having people show up that continue to bring the same situations around you.    

2024 is a time for Physical renewal and Self- Mastery Study to begin.

“Sending positive Energy and Light to you.”

Full Moon Foundation


We would love to help guide you in 2024 with a plan that will allow you to finally shift those patterns that are holding you back.

Don’t let the clock of life continue to tick down without making changes.  Email us at to schedule a free consultation.

Please order responsibly, there are no refunds only credit for future sessions. If you do not see the discount show up on your order, then notify us via email to assist you. Do not place the order for the wrong amount.

Looking to confirm what you might be thinking? Book an Akashic Records Reading here today!


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