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I am sure you know when Halloween is, but do you know what to do on Halloween besides celebrate the traditions of dressing up, trick or treating or going to parties?

Ancient traditions tell us that the veil between the spirit world and our world is the thinnest from October 13 - October 31. This is a window in time gifted to us each year that allows us to energetically get rid of everything that no longer serves us in our world. And on October 31st, Halloween signals the time of death and endings followed by rebirth and new beginnings.

Now the death we are talking about is not in the traditional sense of dying. Death signals endings. Ending things that no longer feel right to you. This resembles the death card in Tarot which is symbolic of endings followed by rebirth. This could be the perfect time to end relationships, jobs, or perhaps remove clutter and excessive emotions to name a few. The awesome part of this process is that you get to make the choice of what to get rid of in your life.

Everything around us, including people, are made of vibrational frequencies. This would include our thoughts, our voice and most importantly the words we speak. When you look scientifically at humans, we each have our own energetic vibration or frequency around us called our aura or auric field. This aura is an energy field that surrounds us, protects us and can be very sensitive to absorbing the energy of others.

Have you ever felt like someone is looking at you and you turn around and see someone staring right at you? It can feel like they are looking through you into your soul. Well, this is your auric field, the sensitive field outside of your physical body that can feel the energy coming from another.

This beautiful energy field can pick up many vibrations around you. It can sense your thoughts, your life, your home life, clutter, even people around you in bad moods. Those people can get in your auric field and make you feel angry, depressed, sad, nervous, or even anxious. Some get in your auric field consciously and others happen to disrupt you on an unconscious level. Yes, it is true, people, places, and things around you can cause your mood to change. This can have both a positive and negative effect on you. And for the purpose of Halloween and releasing, we are focusing on what needs to be released out of your auric field.

Think about what is weighing you down, that needs to go and get rid of it. If it is specific items donate, sell, or throw them out. If it is relationships, you can put up healthy boundaries or you can remove them from your life. The best part is you are in charge and only you get to make the choice on how you handle the removal process. Keep in mind that this is the best time of year to remove the energy vampires. The people around you that are sucking up all your energy. They are dramatic, negative, or perhaps they just tie up all your time with their own problems.

Perhaps you need to remove emotions or thought patterns that are no longer serving you. You can do this by writing down what you want to release and then shredding it, burning the paper in a fire safe container outside, throwing it in the fireplace or freezing it and then throwing out the paper. You must do the physical release by writing it down and then getting rid of the paper you wrote it on. We prefer the physical writing method because it gives you a physical release as you write it down and then getting rid of the paper will energetically release it from your auric field. Typing it up and printing it does not work. The intention is your thought of what to write down. The physical release comes when you write it down.

This is a good ritual to do on every full moon. We consider this month to be an entire month of full moon energy and you can do the biggest release of the year. Everything that has been building up and getting in your way needs to go. Halloween is the best time of year to do it. Clearing things out before winter sets in.

What are you going to release?

Time is up at 11:59 PM on Halloween. So, make your list and get it all out. Even if you cannot physically clean out a room or get rid of the paperwork, clutter, or stuff that you want gone. At least do the process of physically writing it down and destroying the paper. This will put in motion the power to get it done. Remember, the ceremonial part is the intention and the writing down of what to release sets it in motion. Stop procrastinating and just do it! The Power of Now is the secret! Do it NOW! Check out http://www.fullmoonfoundation and use coupon code HALLOWEEN23 to receive a 11% discount on any service ordered. The coupon is valid through 11/11/2023.

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