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Our parents are the ones who brought us into this world. You may love them unconditionally or you may hate them for the way they treated you. But they entered your life for a reason. Many of the requests we get are to help our clients move past the sadness or hurt they feel when a loved one is no longer speaking with them or perhaps, they suddenly transitioned. This could be your parents, or it could be the parents trying to resolve things with their child.

As we sit between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, with all the social media posts, the love shout outs and the attention to these holidays. We are here to step in and help you navigate the current emotions that you may be feeling. Our sessions can help you begin to resolve conflict and heal the anger, grief, sadness, or other emotions that may be keeping you feeling stuck.

Some of you have the most loving memories and you may be experiencing grief or sadness if they are no longer here. And some of you have a very distinct anger, frustration or disconnect and you need an outlet to express how you feel.

At Full Moon Foundation, we provide a safe space to work though unresolved issues that you may want to address with a loved one. The person can be alive, and you may not be speaking with them, or they may have transitioned, and you were never able to fully express what you needed to say.

We see clients all the time that are stuck because they are grieving for a loved one that transitioned, and they never told them how much they loved them or perhaps they are ready to get answers to the “why……..” and learn how to begin the process to forgive themselves for something that happened during their time together. Other clients are looking to reconnect and clear away feelings of abandonment, anger, fear, frustration, and other emotions resulting from abuse, adoption, divorce, or other life events that may have traumatized them.

As my close friend always says, “feelings are non-negotiable” and we offer a safe space to address these long overdue behaviors and emotions that you may be experiencing. Allowing you to begin the healing process and move forward on your beautiful life path. Connect with us when you are ready to change your life and experience the beauty of your soul’s growth.



Help heal your relationship with your parent/s by scheduling a Parent/Guardian/Child Healing Session!

Feeling the need to get grounded, centered, balanced and clear your thoughts, lift your emotions, better your life? Contact us for a Distant Energy Session!

Looking to confirm what you might be thinking? Schedule an Akashic Record Reading!

New Classes to be announced soon!


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