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TIME 10:34 AM (PST) = 8 energy

DATE 5/5/2023 = 8 Energy of this moon


The number 8 and 88 are all about abundance, prosperity and being on your right path. In this physical world we are gifted with choice. Free will gives us the ability to make choices for ourselves, our own soul growth, and the direction we choose for us as an individual in this lifetime. Now - don’t get me wrong - there are other aspects to our life that we may need to consider, and yet the life we came here on earth to live is all about SELF-MASTERY. It is about us as individuals. Once we can take care of ourselves, we can then assist others.

When all is said and done, we exit this world and eventually review how we did for our individual soul's growth. What are we doing to learn and grow while we are here? Pay attention to the SCORPIO FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE and see what is being shown to you. What should you be paying attention to?


Eclipses bring in the light to awaken you (you - the thinking person) and align you with your soul’s (soul - the gentle whisper) path. When you take the time away from all the chaos in your life and quietly sit to allow wisdom to come forth, you can get a guided message from yourself to get you moving in perhaps a new direction: a different career, healthier body, deepen your relationship with self or others, or end and begin new ones?

The wisdom that comes to you is timed to appear when you are ready to accept it and make changes. If you choose to ignore the messages, they will come in louder and with more challenges until you wake up and shift. Your soul messages are the part of you that gently whispers what you should be doing versus what you have been doing. Getting rid of stuck patterns, taking guided action steps to shift your daily habits, and bring in the changes you desire. This is what will come in from the Scorpio Full Moon.


As you prepare for the lunar eclipse in SCORPIO remember that Scorpio loves endings. Thus, hopefully clearing out the old and preparing you for new beginnings. The SUN and MOON position during this cycle are in Taurus and Scorpio and they may reflect the following energies that you will want to balance within your life.

Incoming Energies with this Full Moon

Lower Energies

  • Anger, Behavior Issues

  • Endings

  • Jealousy

  • Mental Breakdowns

  • Mercury Retrograde – Going over old ground through 5/14/2023

  • Materialistic

  • No Boundaries – from others displaying bad behavior

  • Outbursts

  • Overly Resistant

  • Secretive

  • Stubborn

  • Unexpected Changes

Higher perspective-

  • Deep Emotional Healing

  • Determined

  • Endings

  • Focus

  • Intense

  • Investigate

  • Passion and Passionate

  • Resourceful

  • Responsible

  • Secrets revealed

  • Transformation

  • Truthful


The energies coming from this full moon/lunar eclipse will impact your life for the next 6 months. What you may want to change and begin is ripe for this Scorpio Moon. The illuminated SCORPIO energy will bring in endings and prepare you for new beginnings. Pay attention to all the SIGNS and SYMBOLS that you are being shown around you. This is spirit's subtle way to introduce you to what needs to change in your life.

Life is a beautiful path that continues to unfold in our own time and space. If you are repeating patterns or cycling the same thoughts over and over, this may be a perfect time to observe. Don’t take any action - just stop, and listen, feel, and see what is being shown to you. With the light of this full moon and the effects of the current mercury retrograde cycle, you will be taken over old ground to make it clear what needs to be cleaned up in your life.

Some people experience the full moon energy as a challenge because they feel tired, beat up, bombarded, or assaulted by the energies coming at them. Others choose to use the light of the moon as a positive learning experience and use the energy to research and investigate what is working for them and what needs to change.

You have plenty of ACTION energy to move forward after Mercury goes direct. What will you choose? Being stuck or analyzing what needs to be done and move forward with a New Plan?


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