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We have a lot of planetary activity that will be ushered in this week.

On June 18, 2023, the Shumann Resonance did something we have not witnessed before. In the pic above, the left side is what the Resonance typically looks like. The DNA-like and-or sacred geometry structures you see on the right are very new. The energies many of us have felt were coming - the weaving together of dimensions and timelines - is here and manifest: showing up in the Earth/Shumann Resonance.

The skies are just as busy as the Earth's energies. As you continue to observe and learn to navigate this Gemini new moon that is unfolding, we would like to direct your attention to Venus, Mars, and the Black Moon and Summer Solstice.

As Venus goes into its shadow preparing for a retrograde in July, Mars and the Black Moon will conjunct followed by the Summer Solstice. And it all begins this week.


  • New Moon Gemini- June 17/18, 2023

  • Venus in Shadow – June 19,2023

  • Mars and the Black Moon Conjunct June 20, 2023

  • Summer Solstice June 21, 2023

Remember that we are energy beings, and the planets bring in a vibrational frequency that ripples out over time. This week is bringing in the energy that will ripple out in you through October 7th, 2023.

Pay attention to what happens this week. The power of Venus heading into retrograde soon will have you evaluating your relationships. These could be with lovers, co-workers, family, or yourself.

What is being brought to the surface for you to look at?

During this transit Venus can also bring trickster energy that comes into play. Be mindful and cautious of new relationships that may enter at this time. People are not always what they appear to be during this energy sequence. We suggest that you continue to trust the messages that you receive from your higher self. These may come in as a feeling, knowing, seeing, smelling, tasting or a gentle whisper. Tune into you!


This energy will be in effect June 19th – October 7th.

  • Emotions

  • Emotional

  • Love

  • Pleasure

  • Relationships

What was the relationship that came in the strongest to you on June 19, 2023?

The power of Venus in retrograde is having you evaluate relationships.


Mars Energy –

  • Action

  • Accidents

  • Aggression

  • Anger

  • Argumentative

  • Chaos

  • Conflict

  • Courage

  • Desire

  • Fire energy

  • Forcefulness

  • Passion

  • Powerful

  • Reckless

  • Sexuality

  • Strife

  • War like energy

This is important to balance the energy coming at you and from you. Anger and aggression are active during this cycle, and it will ripple out during the Venus cycle mentioned above.

The Black Moon

  • Death and Rebirth

  • Hidden

  • Shadow Self

  • Unconscious Mind

The Black Moon will show us a cycle or cycles that are ready to be resolved. It is a time to evaluate and change directions. Transformation by death and rebirth.


This week is amping up to be a turning point in your “conscious” awareness. The mission of Full Moon Foundation is to advise you on current energies coming to our human psych and physical bodies. And teach you how to navigate life and move towards self-mastery. Healing you from the inside out!

As the summer solstice comes this week. You are giving the opportunity to pay attention to all the planetary energy we discussed above and devise a plan for you to move forward into October of 2023. Go back and read the New Moon transmissions on the website to understand what has transpired since May 2023 and chart your course.

Relationships are KEY for this transmission. And you can use the power of the energies mentioned above to balance.

  • Venus – Relationships

  • Mars- Powerful – Important to be in the center of this energy. Balance you.

  • Black Moon- Brings to light what is lingering in the shadows for transformation.

  • Summer Solstice- Brings in the light and warmth to the Southern Hemisphere and the Gentleness of the “3 R’S” - Rest, Reflection and Rejuvenation to the Northern Hemisphere.

You can live unconsciously ignoring life. Or you can face what is being presented to you, stand up, take responsibility, and awaken to your full potential. These next two years are a turning point for humanity. Will you rise for the challenge?



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