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TIME   4:28 AM (PST)

DATE 2/24/2024


This full moon comes in with a lot of aggressive energy on its tail from the Aquarian new moon.  We have no doubt that you have felt it, or you will be feeling the intensity as it builds in 2024.    

This is a pure “PHYSICAL” year and a time to take special care of your body.  We always like to say it is the only one you get on this trip, and you need to pay attention to subtle messages from your body.   Taking care of your body will get you through the changes coming to planet earth.




Physical body influenced by Leo:



The Virgin/Maiden

Abdomen, Digestive System

Keywords: I Assess, so that I may Discern.

MISSION: Time to Analyze what you require!


This full moon is continuing to build on what the New Moon in Aquarius brought to you earlier this month with aggressive energy coming in from all directions.   The trick is to remain balanced between the lower and higher frequencies of energy listed below.

Incoming Energies with this Full Moon:

Lower Frequency

  • Aggression/Aggressive

  • Anger

  • Arrogant

  • Blame

  • Blocking

  • Conflict

  • Demanding

  • Floating

  • Frustration

  • Intensity

  • Irritability

  • Losing yourself in the details

  • Memory Loss

  • No patience

  • Pain

  • Perfectionist

  • Struggle

  • Stuck

  • Too Critical

Higher Frequency

  • Able to detect liars

  • Balance

  • Born to be the best

  • Community-minded

  • Focused

  • Hard worker

  • Holistic Medicine

  • Independence

  • Intellectual

  • Loyal

  • Organized

  • Power

  • Positivity

  • Problem Solver

  • Self-sufficient

  • Speak your mind

  • Total bad ass – IN A GOOD WAY!

  • Wise Soul

  • Witty


We have leap year this year giving us one more day in February to focus and work towards our goals.  This is a good time to step into a safe space and meditate or just take some “me” time to review the current situations coming to you.

The intelligence comes directly from our guides and inner compass, and not necessarily from the people around us.  So, pay attention and calibrate yourself as needed throughout this time. Work with the energetic tools that you have to find and refine your own space and boundaries.

You may be feeling like we are repeating the same energy as 2020 and in a way we are.  This is a chance for revision and review - not a time to be lazy and just repeat old habits, or fall into a zombie pattern of complacency.  Really dial in to what you need to fix and just do it.  The time is now for a change.  Step it up and set boundaries and ground yourself.

This Full Moon cycle reflects Virgo and Pisces energy which could cause you to have emotions running wild if you are not careful - swinging wildly from practicality to delusion or daydream (or escapism) and back. This is a time of expansion - to not swing between extremes but to expand to encompass it All. Daydream exists within this walking dream - at the same time, in the same space. Expand and find your personal fulcrum for your own stability.

Remember that there is a lot of energy in motion with the sun being active this year also.  All of the sun flares are ushering us deeper into the Age of Aquarius and letting go of the Age of Capricorn - the old structures are dying and putting up a big fight. The Earth is shifting in resonance, the sun is shifting and transforming/releasing, our entire solar system is - and has been - moving into a part of the Multiverse that it hasn't been in in a very, very long time. Take comfort that things are, in fact, shifting. Even if the process getting there is rough.

Consider this time with the Virgo Full Moon to be a space where you set down the pattern of overanalyzing out of the fear that you are alone and have to do it all yourself.

Just like in digestion, the break down process - the "analysis" - is part of a larger flow. Next comes discernment and separating out what stays and what goes... What nurtures and what's toxic. In this step, consider what's best for you, and where you fit/what your part is in the collective.    

The changes set forth in this calendar year of 2024 will be massive for the world and for you on an individual and physical level. We expect to see changes in the physical body which can be good if you choose to navigate your path in a positive way.  We may see moving jobs, changing relationships and living situations and a crumbling of the old guard and structures that have held us captive for eons.  This is a good year with good things coming for humanity!  Stay positive and make choices with your heart and not your fear!

“Sending positive Energy and Light to you.”

Full Moon Foundation


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